Poor Pricing Increases the Risk of Underperforming

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One of my biggest worries when I take any task or project is not being able to perform for what I committed myself too.

The last few weeks I have been looking at many of my services and products and trying to identify what things I commit myself too and identifying the risk of underperforming.

Poor Pricing Increases the Risk

After analyzing this for weeks I realized that I am very committed to what I do to the point that I need to readjust the pricing of many of my services.

I look around and see the pricing of many of my competitors and it leads me into understanding why they are able to have large staff on board and carry a lot of overhead they are finding clients that are happy with there services and willing to pay for that type of service.

These last few months I have been working crazy hours and when I look back I can see that I am not making enough money to cover costs.

Donating My Work for No Cause

My worries of underperforming have led me to the point that I have given out many of my services without compensation to get the message through that I went the extra mile. Looking back in many occasions these complimentary services became part of my responsibility. In many occasions the other party has not even been grateful for what I have done and I have ended investing many hours in efforts where others don’t see any value even those others that have benefited from them directly.

Making Sure I perform as Accorded

Given that I like to give my clients and customers a little more than what they expected, I do have to control it to be just a little more. On occasions I invest so much time trying to help out it becomes a whole other project that can truly hurt me in the long term.

If I base my performance on what was agreed too I think it will send the message to others that my time is valuable and although I might surprise my clients and others with something extra it should not be expected all the time.

What are your fears of underperforming? Have you ended up doing extra work for clients who clearly did not see the value?

What tips do you have to make sure you performed as agree too?

photo credit  by Orin Zebest