Ping! Great Idea?

My First Experience

I downloaded the new Itunes 10 and registered on Apple’s new Social Music Network Ping.

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At first I have to get use to thenew ITunes Icon which for a moment made me think I had removed iTunes from the Dock of my Mac.
Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico
Registering on Ping I noted the following:
  • Just as when I bought my Ipad I have been tempted to spend money at the App Store I am probably going to be tempted to buy more music from my friends playlist.
  • I guess the fact that I get to  look at the music my friends and contacts like, have reviewed, or purchased gives me a better idea of what I should buy. Ex. I love listening to Bhangra Music but it is very difficult to buy that kind of music if you don’t know who are the key artist).
  • I really think this will give the opportunity for regional and local bands to get exposure from their fans who share the music with contacts in other regions or countries.

Room for Improvement

  • I think the interface to connect with other people is not very easy to understand. I am still looking on how to sync with Facebook which should be an added feature.
  • They need to establish a web version which everyone can connect to. This recommendation was made by @manueljrivera via twitter.
  • My profile pic has to be approved. I think here Apple went wrong. Every other network allows you to upload a picture and let other users report it if inappropriate. Since your Itunes profile is linked to a major credit card or financial account I don’t think many people would risk posting anything that can get them in real trouble.
  • It would be great if they could integrate Shazam or some similar application so you if you hear a song and want to buy it you can directly link to it.

I think it would be great if Apple brings everyone into the ecosystem. Since I do follow and take @chrisbrogan’s advice I am more than sure that he might influence me in buying a thing or two on iTunes.

  • Apple should roll out Ping to include iPhone & iPad applications.
  • It could also help if you account is integrated towards the movies you have rented or bought via iTunes. They might be able to bring in more sales on all areas.

Overall I do see many opportunities with this new network. I agree with @om on his post and recommed you to read it Why Ping Is the Future of Social Commerce (which I read on @chrisbrogan’s blog) that we love to talk about the 3 different types of media we love to talk about.

What has been your experience with Ping?

How do you think this will Apple sell more content online?

What would Apple need to do to make you a Ping active user or even a Ping Evangelist?
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Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico