Showing Our Veterans Matter everyday not just Veterans day

I am not a fan of holidays or choosing a specific date to celebrate something. I try to enjoy every day as much as I can. I also make sure that every day I let those I care about know they mean something to me. My Veterans Day Tradition Every year on Veteran’s day I send…

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9 Years After my 25th Birthday

Nine years ago when I turned 25 I remember thinking of goals that I had set for myself which today as I turn 34 make very little sense to me. My life would turn around in as little as those next 3 years. 6 years ago I decided to leave the world of being an…

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Brands that created a Positive #SXSW Experience

Austin Motel Sign

    In less than a week many creatives and digital geeks (myself included) start our annual pilgrimage towards Austin for the South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival. This will be my fourth SXSW Interactive experience and every year I try to plan ahead to make the most of the experience. I go to SXSW for many…

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The #LoTieneChiquito Campaign

Lo Tiene Chiquito Angiemille

Getting ready for the New Year in Puerto Rico means lots of celebrations in backyards or  outdoor venues; we are in the tropics and don’t need to stay in to celebrate. But many of us decide to be cautious about open air parties for one important reason. On our densely populated island, everyone lives close…

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TEDx Youth San Juan

TEDx Youth San Juan stage

I rarely attend local conferences. Most of them are very commercial and don’t nearly resonate with me. Listening to folks selling something keeps me away from wanting to make an effort to invest money and much less time with most local conferences. A few weeks ago I got an email with the details of TEDx…

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