Not so Secret Santa

Escape Tu Puedes Ser Santa

You can Be Santa

For three consecutive years, a 12 year old girl name Kailah, has been dreaming about getting a musical keyboard so she can play music she loves. At the moment she is borrowing one that is a bit worn out.

She is grateful that for the one she has because it allows her to practice and learn. This holiday season let’s help her with her Christmas Wish.

As a kid I remember I wanted a computer in order to help run my small business ventures. I was able to buy what I wanted but the cost of the computer was something out of my budget and also something my parents could not afford.

When I entered the military the first thing I did was grab a loan for a Compaq  Presario.  From that moment on, I started building my first website  (which for some reason Tripod still has up) and I was journaling (what blogging is today).

You Can Make the Difference

We can all make a difference. By contributing what you can to ESCAPE, Kailah and a few other families (which don’t have basic needs this holiday season), will have something to celebrate on Christmas Day.

Can you Help ESCAPE and I?

I need your help with supporting ESCAPE, a local non for profit that works with victims of domestic violence and child abuse, and turn Kailah’s dream into reality.