New Newsletter (Fresh out of the Package)

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I have stopped writing as often as I did so I could focus a bit more on some of my short-term goals and get to many things I kept putting off.

One of them was creating a formal Newsletter to connect with people directly via their email.  Following in the steps of to close friends I admire Señor Chris Brogan and A.J. Leon I wanted to be able to replicate some of the experiences both of them have created via their newsletter for me.

So if you are asking yourself where my content is going first it is to share some of my inner thoughts and ways of working things out via my newsletter.

Today I published my 3rd version. I am still working on a few things to make it better.

So far I have been able to make some limited offers exclusive to my newsletter recipients, I shared my ideas on the importance of being lean, and in my 3rd edition I just wanted to ask people what noise are they running from.

If you want to be able to read some of my inner thoughts feel free to sign up.