My Home Away From Home @Sanjuanmarriott

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

My Daughter and I Drinking

We came to the @sanjuanmarriott a bit more than a year ago to stay for a few days since we had won a twitter sweepstakes. Overall we really enjoyed our stay and had a great time but something that was unique was how awesome the staff especially those working around the pool treated us. They went above and beyond to find me vegetarian food options although at the time there where no food options on the menu.

One of the staff members that stood out was Leo. I had plenty of conversations with Leo and when we visited again in December we where treated as if we where part of the San Juan Marriott family. In this occasion we also received nice gifts from the Marketing department and the service was excellent. At that time I had the opportunity to sit with the Marketing Department and discussed various subjects based on how I thought they where also doing an awesome job on social networks. They are really engaging with people in a unique and human way. I had the opportunity to share my thoughts to see them take action on the suggestions that went in line with their goals. Months later I ended up landing a small project in which we did a blogger outreach event for the @sanjuanmarriott.

Sharing my thoughts had landed me into a position where I improved a relationship and created a business opportunity for both of us. Something that is very difficult to accomplish here on the island since not many organizations are as thankful for your suggestions as the San Juan Marriott Team is.

A few weeks ago I was getting ready for my travel to Boston and finishing off a website we just launched with CIMA IT Solutions and I decided to ask for a reservation. I was given a deal I could not refuse and since during the whole summer I took the advice from various of my business mentors like @joesorge, @chrisbrogan, and @robhatch to get ahead of the game while others where enjoying vacation I decided now was the time to take a few days off.

I made my reservation at the San Juan Marriott and counted the days to my arrival.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Arrival at the San Juan Marriott

We did our check in and where greeted in the lobby area that is being renovated. I can’t wait to see how the new lobby is going to come out.

We where given an upgrade with ocean view which made it a lot more pleasant to write this post from this morning.

While checking in Jennifer from the San Juan Marriott Staff offered @lucymfel and me complimentary drinks as a welcoming treat. We arrived at our room and quickly set all our stuff to get a late lunch that became our dinner too.


Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto RicoLa Isla Bar and Grill

When arriving at La Isla Bar and Grill, which is part of the renovated area, where you can get a view of the ocean while having drinks and having a meal. Luckily Leo one of my favorite waiters that made our stay special in previous occasions greeted us like if we where old friends. Leo has such good memory he mentioned that they had a vegetarian option on the menu I should try. This impressed me even more since I am not a regular and see Leo every 6 months but still he was able to register quickly that I am vegetarian. We went ahead and ordered the Vegetarian Option off the new Menu based on Leo’s recommendations. I was very happy to see a vegetarian option on the Menu and I will be writing a Post on with more detail and how great I found the option to be.

While having our meal Leo took excellent care of us and also entertained Daniela while we ate by talking to her. We had finished our meal and I asked Leo if he was going to be there the next day and I was informed that the next two days he would be off. I guess when you get awesome service by such a great server it would have been great for me to make my reservation at the hotel the days he would be working at the pool bar. Although I am sure there are other awesome waiters at the San Juan Marriott Leo outshines them.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

After our meal I went up to the Room to relax and catch up on work. Our daughter @danielalcolon enjoyed the plush pillows and a bigger bed where she could roll around.

Later in the evening we heard a knock at the door and there it was a few baskets full with cheese, fruits, and non-alcoholic drinks. This was a gift from Melissa from the Marriott Marketing department with a hand note welcoming us to the @SanJuanMarriott once again and making it extra special since it was @danielalcolon’s first night sleeping out of the house and in a hotel room.

Being this close to the ocean does fill me with energy and also brings a lot of new thoughts and ideas. I am looking forward to the rest of the day.

I might hit the beach but I want to be extra thankful to the @sanjuanmarriott for always making me feel at home and with family.