Moving & the “Santa Isabel Molinos” Experiment

Finca Privada

We made the decision to move about a month ago . We are primarily moving because of the Risks the Santa Isabel Windmill Farm will bring upon the environment and residents; the project will be finished next month near our current living space. Once we kept on reading about the health risks and symptoms these windmills…

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Los Molinos & Curet by La Avanzada Y

Los Molinos & Curet by @LaAvanzadaY

Thanks to my high school friend named Lizat Leonardo I was able to find this Internet jewel where you can get the idea of the set up of the Windmill Turbines in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico. The disruption and occupation of the soil in lands that should be best used for agriculture are evident. Misinformed about the…

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Don Quijote, “Molinos”, Health Risks, & Santa Isabel

Molinos Santa Isabel

UPDATE: The project will be completed by August and operating fully by November. Where those that live near by put themselves and their loves ones at risk. We had the privilege of being mentioned by Global Voices online with some more information on the issues these turbines present.  In the Novel, Don Quijote by Miguel…

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