Men Also Go Grocery Shopping!

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While I was browsing through the aisles at Costco a lady approached me and said to her Husband:

Lady: You see men can do Groceries!

I felt like running because I felt no reason to get into what I thought was an argument by a couple in there early 50’s. I quickly asked her if she could repeat what she said and she replied explaining that her co-corworkers thought it was not a man’s job to go grocery shopping. To me this was a completely new perspective because since I can remember I have never seen an issue in a man doing the groceries.

My dad back in the late 80’s might have been considered a Mr. Mom,  a term which I find highly offensive since my dad was a great dad he just helped out maybe a lot more than the rest.

My dad better known to everyone else as Don Tito would do all the house chores and I can say he did cook a lot better than my mom so my brother and I would go on short hunger strikes when my mom decided to cook. Oh boy we got dad into being the official cook. To this day we left the house years ago and my Dad still ends up with the responsibility of cooking.

Having my Dad as an example and being a New Dad to @danielalcolon I really don’t see any task other than the ones limited by Nature a man can’t do.

I mainly go grocery shopping because it was just quicker to get groceries and given that we have a small car and the baby carriage is huge it allows me to buy more groceries on one trip. It has also been a great learning experience because I have been able to pick  better vegetables with some tips from @lucymfel and my brother @javierrcolon.

I also get to choose my favorite items and make sure I don’t forget everyone else is favorite items.

Now something I see locally is how most companies are marketing to the Mom’s and forgetting the dads. I now a few dads and men who do the grocery shopping.

Are women the only decision makers when it relates to groceries?

Are Dads that shop like me forgotten by companies we buy products from?

Photo Credit by The Consumerist


  1. Prometeo on April 9, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Men also do other things. At home I help with the dishes and house chores. When my kids were little I also changed diapers and bathed them too. We are part of another generation. Congratulations on being a modern dad.

    • Raul Colon on April 11, 2011 at 5:40 pm

      It is great that I can share my thoughts with other people that think the same way I do. I have read many posts where you have been a great example.