Meeting Julio Varela Sr. and Fernando Varela

I stopped to get Dinner for the Girls and I ran into these two very talented and brilliant gentlemen.

There are still a handful of people I have been talking with online and have not had a chance to meet in person.

Thankfully these last two years, I have been able to meet-up with some individuals. These are great people, from different parts of the world, in pretty unique situations.

Meeting The Varelas

After a successful day working with one of our new clients, I stopped for take-out from Kona Grill. The Mall of San Juan has become my favorite place to stop and get a vegan lunch or dinner.

As I approached the host’s booth, I recognized two individuals seated having dinner. It was Julio Varela (AKA Papi Julio) and his talented son, Fernando Varela.

I approached the table and I was greeted by Papi Julio (Julio Sr.) with a big smile, followed by a hug.

I met Papi Julio and Fernando through journalist and friend, Julio Varela Jr.

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First Time Dinner with Old Friends

It has been possibly 7+ years since we first started talking online. I can’t believe it took this long to finally meet Papi Julio and Fernando. But sitting at their table, they made me feel like I had known them for a lifetime.

Although I waited longer than I should have for my take-out dinner at Kona Grill, talking to Julio and Fernando made the time fly by and really made my day.

Will you be at Fernando Varela’s Concert

Fernando is getting ready to sing at Centro de Bellas Artes and his concert is scheduled for August 22, 2015, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In times when there are so many situations on the Island that are not positive, it might be good to take off and enjoy some great music at Bellas Artes.

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