Luck defines your experience at Sheraton PR Casino @StarwoodBuzz

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I love gambling although I don’t gamble as often as years ago given how little I can risk of my income now days. Years before I use to visit a Casino at least every two weeks now it is more like every 6 months and my budget is a significantly smaller.

A few days ago while I was at the ISSA Conference in San Juan which was held at the Sheraton San Juan. I have been to the Sheraton San Juan Multiple times because I really like its modern decoration. I also like a few of the slot machines they have in their casino and every opportunity I have I stop by and play a few dollars.

It had been maybe more than a year since my last visit to the Sheraton after becoming a new dad the previous December I stay closer to home and don’t visit San Juan as often.

I walked into the casino where in many occasions I have donated my money to their slot machines on lesser occasions I have left with more than what I walked in but it has been pure luck. I went to get my Player’s card and to use the cashier’s service to take some money out to play. My casino budget usually ranges in the $200 dollar range on slot machines that is the same amount I request every time I visit.

When I reached the cashier I requested taking money out and the person clearly said I had a 100-dollar limit. When I asked if this was a new rule she said it had always been that way and that it was a law.

The cashier’s response quickly annoyed me and I kept on asking her questions. She clearly told me that since I had no history playing in the Casino they could not disburse any more money. When I told the person that I had played on multiple occasions she pretty much looked at me like if I was lying and later proceeded to tell me that it was pretty much impossible because my players card reflected zero history.

On previous occasions I had always taken out more than $100 and yes it had been more than a year since my last visit to that Casino but this Casino employee was out of hand in her responses and her supervisor did not fall far behind in validating and encouraring.

I went back to the player’s table and they quickly apologized for the inconvenience called the cashier’s booth and told them that I had history playing in the Casino that she was looking at the points screen where the points expire every 6 months.

When I went back to the Cashier’s booth they where very annoyed at the fact that they had to disburse the money I requested. They did not apologize and the long faces where something that made me perceive how badly many employees in the tourism industry behave.

5 Things I would have done differently

Verifying for the Customer or Player

If I was the cashier or the supervisor given that the Casino was pretty much empty I would have called in and verified if there was a glitch in the system. However they decided to treat me like if I was lying to them and instead of helping put a few barriers up.

Being Helpful

Instead of taking the I don’t have time for you so I can continue chit chatting with my co-workers I would have tried to solve the problem without putting resistance.

Showing I Care

The person at the booth clearly did not give a crap if I got my money to play or if I did not.


Not wanting to be right but Making it right

The casino employees preferred to feel that they where right than making it right. Instead of looking for a solution she just stuck to her story not caring if she was impacting her image and that of the company she represents.

Made It Easier for the Casino To Make Income

The casino makes money when people risk their money either on slots or tables. If this person did not want to provide me money then the Casino had less probability of keeping my money and making a profit.

I left with a profit

Once I got the money I was going to play I hit my favorite slot machine and quickly (in less than 5 minutes) made a profit of $167. Normally I stay and continue playing but since I was so uncomfortable by how the Sheraton Staff treated me I decided to leave and play my money elsewhere.

Although I have always enjoyed visiting the Sheraton I might look for other options when it comes to playing my money at a Casino.

Customer service for me is critical and sadly our tourism industry locally (Puerto Rico) suffers from having to many individuals working for it which clearly have no passion or calling for service.

We need to make sure that even those that are not dressed as tourists are well served.

Having passionate human beings that have a higher standard is critical when recruiting for the tourism industry and pretty much any other industry.

In the meanwhile I will continue to express myself on how poorly my Island handles customer service (especially in the Tourism Industry) and calling out those places like the Caribe Hilton and the Sheraton, which are in great need of doing a better job at recruiting and training their personnel to create pleasant experiences.

Should we let Luck Decide the experiences of our customers?