Learning Online From Multiple Sources

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Many of us search for learning opportunities in educational institutions, online learning courses, books, magazines, blogs, and even youtube. The previous sources mentions are great sources for people to learn about a variety of subjects. The online world also helps us in tapping into any source of information to resolve a problem at the moment.

I try to keep myself up to date on content that is related to my line of work and the services we give at CIMA IT Solutions. I do focus on the key services which we provide most of the time but something that I find unique is that in most occasions 95% of what I read I don’t put into practice.

When my customers and client make requests I end up searching for solutions to specific problems or issues.  I have to thank my clients that keep me busy and find unique opportunities where I can learn something new every day.

Theory vs. Practice

With my clients I mostly end up implementing everything I have learned into practice. When they make a request I take a few steps back and identify possible sources of information which might give me the result that I am looking for. This is where I verify if theory either in a book or blog post can actually be implemented in a practical manner.

These last few weeks I have received multiple requests from a few of my clients which have included a good amount of research in producing even better quality results than I expected. I try to give my clients the best options but thankfully I have a few some clients that are brilliant and help me expand my mind frame and are willing to take the risk and try out new things.

By my clients bringing me along to try new things it makes me grow as a person and as a professional. We end up learning  which helps me improve service and product lines for them and future clients

Do your clients help you learn more and grow? if so How?


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