#LaVistaBloggers Event at @sanjuanmarriott

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

CIMA IT Solutions was hired by the San Juan Marriott to invite local bloggers and active users of Social Networks to try out La Vista Restaurant.

This opportunity not only brings a business opportunity but it allows local bloggers to create relationships with local businesses. It is a way for a few innovators like the San Juan Marriott to reach an audience that:

  • Does not read the local newspapers
  • Does not watch local TV
  • Does not buy local magazines,
  • Only listens a few hours of local radio a week that being 3 Hours of @fralternas (which is on a government radio station with no commercial advertising) and listening to my friend @nelsonbermejo when I get a chance.

Many businesses don’t realize that traditional channels are not as effective as they use to be. Obviously since we are fed information by those traditional channels they tend to make us believe they are effective but having a conflict of interest make me doubt that.

These bloggers will be sharing their experience of la vista in blogs. I will write follow up posts on the event.

We will be offering a few surprises for those that we could not invite so I recommend you to follow the following twitter list of individuals for you to get a chance to win a few prizes.

We want to thank Melissa Delgado & Julian from the San Juan Marriott for giving us the opportunity to work along them to use new channels in getting to there clients.

If you are visiting Puerto Rico the San Juan Marriott is a fun place to stay especially if you are looking for a family oriented environment. For more information on reservations feel free to contact us.