Late Summer Sunrise

A few days ago I announced that I am quitting photography. Just the way I have been approach photography has made it more of a hobby than an opportunity to make any income. I have been too lazy to set up a business model that works. I am not blaming anyone but myself for focusing my efforts elsewhere. I made the tough call for many reasons and mainly because photography is an expensive hobby to take. I made an investment in money and time that has not brought me what I expected. I have not even least covered the costs of my equipment. I sure get a lot of requests of random people asking for favors to cover their events or take pictures of them. The problem is that by giving my time and lending my pricey equipment not only hurts me. It actually hurts any photographer struggling to make a living. Those same folks that have taken the time to coach me and teach me the trade. As I dig deeper I realize that I have to identify a revenue source. The next step is creating a plan to make it workable for me to continue investing more in photography. A few of you have already reached out offering me solutions because you really enjoy my pictures. To those like Frank Oquendo that reached out. I appreciate the thought of bringing me back quickly to one the things I love to do. Some other complained that they would miss out on my photos but not really offering any real support. If you are one of those complaining because you enjoy my photos but still have a hard time in paying for even a print. I can only apologize to you for creating the perception that what I do is free to me and you. Art is not free it takes our most precious resource, Time. I have many pictures I took already and I want to share. But I don't feel like sharing them on Facebook or Twitter I fix my camera and identifiy a revenue model. Or the other option is I sell enough pictures to be able to replace my camera. For now I plan to share my pictures via my newsletter and blog. You can either subscribe to my inbox or via RSS. I plan to include an image like the one above with a short thought for the day. Are you up to my new experiment where I will be sharing my photography with you?



My Thoughts on the Image

Nothing makes my morning more productive than walking over to the east end of Isla Verde Beach and watching the Sun Rise.