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Being a fan of music I tend to write posts on my favorite artists. I enjoy listening to different types of music and there is nothing I enjoy more than finding new talent and voices I can listen to.

Thanks to the efforts of my friends at Frecuencias Alternas and Puerto Rico Indie, which consistently help me, curate my musical playlists on Spotify (Special thanks to Pepe Pesante for giving me a quick 101 on Spotify months ago). By reading their blog and listening to the weekly Frecuencias Alternas Radio show I am able to sit back at least once a week and get their point of view on the latest in Indie music.

Google + Found Noah’s Music

More than a week ago I was looking at Google + and saw someone share Noah Guthrie’s video where he played and sang his own version of ” I’m Sexy and I know it”.

I like the original version by LMFAO but listening to Noah’s version made me enjoy it even more. Listening to him talk at the beginning of the video I got the feeling that it was some type of parody. When I heard him start singing I had to replay the video multiple times because his voice completely surprised me.

I searched for @only1noah on twitter and decided that I would ask him where I could support his music. I also subscribed to his YouTube channel in which I found the following video where Noah is thanking everyone that made the video go Viral.

Leveraging the Eco System

By leveraging the power of the Online Eco System, Noah published this video where he is thanking his fans. He also does a great job at updating us on what is next and what we should expect from him. Mentioning an online concert on May 29th, 2012 where he will be playing online so his fans, which can be anywhere, listen in and support his efforts by donating or better said tipping him.

Looking at how Noah has shared his talent and is managing his presence online I feel many of us can learn from Noah. If you are a musician and are trying to make it online there is even more reason to have Noah on your radar.

As I started reading Small Town Rules from @BeckyMcCray I have to say that the start of the book relates a lot with what Noah and what many of us are doing today to compete in highly competitive industries.

I will go into more detail once I finish the book and create a more formal review on the book.

If you enjoyed Noah’s work, download his song for free but even better yet try to support him with a small donation. Every dollar counts!

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