“Killer Ads”

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Since last month, many things have been happening in Puerto Rico.

The University of Puerto Rico strike has continued and crime is rampant.
This has become our reality, many of us down here, often ignore this, but it is getting out of hand lately. It concerned me so much that I  to took the time to write this.

I choose “Killer Ad” as the title because that is literally what I want to address. The media in Puerto Rico should stop “advertising” crime. Apparently crime here is so glorified that it needs to be in the front page of every newspaper.

Media people of Puerto Rico, you need to stop disrespecting people. You are showcasing criminals on your front page, as if they were some kind of hero, anti-hero, or who knows what.

Yesterday’s newspaper highlighted a horrible crime with an even more disturbing headline. It was so morbid that I will not repeat it. But the newspaper that wrote this should be ashamed of it self. Unless their objective is to glorify crime and incite hate there are a many more things going on on the island, than putting the spotlight on that type of trash.

On december they had a deadline that read “26 deaths to reach a 1000”. instead of reading this as a news headline, I interpret it as an invitation to meet the goal of 1000 deaths. An incitation so powerful that exalted the fact that we were about to reach 1000 murders as if we were proud of this. I know is these things are happening, but do they really need to put this stuff on the front pages and also include morbid headlines.

The incitation between the letters is an excellent medium to insert and idea.

We all know an idea is a powerful force.

This is not a crusade against the media or nothing like it, but we should be sensible to these things. Right now I consider that our society needs a lot help ,we are so the detached from life that we choose to ignore whats happening.

The media people in Puerto Rico should stop profiting from this, selling death in 2011 shouldn’t be a topic. Its morally wrong. We know that sick individuals, exist, but should we give them the exposure they are getting.

Crime is not a road to stardom; newspaper front pages  should include a positive touch every now and then, instead of spotlighting the obituary. We have the power to get a message across, a message where we can demand change. Sometimes I take my time to discuss this things with my friends. But never have I sat down to take this to another level.

If you have read other posts I have written about they are aligned to marketing, and this is no different, but this aspect of marketing is a wrong one. And we need it to stop, and the best way too do this is to stop supporting establishments that expose us to too trash.

Should we throw the trash away, or should we keep it?

How can we get the message thru to the media that we are tired of their morbid antics?

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  1. Prometeo on January 25, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    Rather than shining the spotlight on criminals the media should be putting the pressure on the inept Police Superintendent to show that his actions are responsible for the debacle we are now suffering. Look like we are turning back the clock to when Newspapers used to post on their front pages grizzly crime scenes with graphic images of murders in the first pages. People used to say that if you squeezed them blood would drip down.

    Looks like the media is sinking to a new low in trying to sell more papers.

    • Raul Colon on January 25, 2011 at 10:19 pm

      I have to agree with you. Before it was mainly el Vocero.. now it is all of them and the situation has gotten even worst.