It’s ok to not be Normal… II

Atlas Statue in Rockefeller Center

When you think differently from those that surround you.

When you are not scared to let people know what you think.

When you are transparent and people know where you stand.

When you’re a Misfit and the world is a bit more like the LEGO Movie’s masses.

When Toxic People don’t have enough to do and they want to bring you into their little games to drain your energy.

When you love what you do and others are just focused on money and material things.

When you walk into a business meeting with conservative people in vibram fivefinger footwear.

When following your dreams can mean having to overdraft your bank account to get groceries and feed your family.

When you decide to go into foreclosure , and let go of the house you worked hard to buy , because you were tired of the life of being a slave to debt.

When you decide to buy everything cash and not buy anything on credit.

When you decide to not eat meat because it just makes sense to your health, the environment, and those around you.

When you quit on something you worked hard and realized you could spend your energy elsewhere.

When you keep on going even when others tell you there is no future in what you are doing.

When life keeps on knocking you down and you get up.

When you put your life at risk seeking peace and a better environment for others.

When you put the mute button on many that want you to live a normal life.

When you play by your own rules and risk more than many would be willing to risk.

When you leave a comfortable income source to make sure you make the most with your daughter.

When you decide to move forward and minimize the impact of any negative vibes around you.

When you pick yourself and keep on moving.

Then you might not be normal. 

PS: But it sures feel like you’re free.