Imagining a Happy Community

Agapita en a Jugar en Familia

Being a dad that’s vegan, who does not party much, loves the environment, and is more focused on the well being of my family than anything else, makes it difficult to identify events where I can take my family to do something that is fun and is a learning opportunity.

Escape’s events have a healthy blend of competition, fun, and creating learning opportunities for all.This past April we participated and supported the A Jugar en Familia event in el Morro where we all had a great time. I have to ask you to come and join me spread the word to have more people participate in these events.

Happy Community Environment

This coming Sunday, Escape has an event where families and friends will come together and create their own LEGO® creations.

Families will have an opportunity to build together their own interpretation of what a healthy and happy community environment should be like by bringing their own lego building blocks.

Our new company, Limonade, signed up to collaborate and work with Yadira and the Escape team to bring people to the event and make it a successful one.

So if this Sunday you are interested in bringing family and friends together to create a building block structure, while supporting a great organization with a $25 donation, then sign up.

It would be helpful if you can also:

  1. Sign up to the Escape Newsletter
  2. Ask someone who likes making LEGO® creations to participate and share with others.
  3. If you can share this link online. It has two buttons on the bottom which will simplify sharing and item #1.

Will we see you this Sunday at San Patricio Mall?

If you can’t make it to the event but would like to sponsor a team or make a donation, please contact me directly so we can make that happen.

A Jugar en Familia