Ideas on a Leash

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As I walked Juanga (My Black Labrador) early in the morning  a few days ago I bumped into a dog with a pretty neat collar but was off leash and just harassing other dogs by following them and barking at them.

As I had the help of some young men (teenagers) to get the dog away from Juanga I was wondering what can be done to make sure all unstable and mischievous dogs are on a leash when in public areas.

Dogs should not be on a leash all the time but if you are taking them for a walk where they will encounter other dogs and people who are scared of dogs the polite thing is to keep them on a leash while you walk them. I keep my dog on a leash when in public areas.

As I thought about the dog off the leash, I realize that  just like the dogs off leash are running rampant around the beach, so are many of my ideas and at times seem to have no direction.

As I thought about the leash problem, I realized that as I make a major transitions in my life I have many ideas floating around and I have to put a leash on them or at least leave them in the back of my head until it is the appropriate time to unleash them.

Here is how I control my ideas or let’s say put a leash on them:

I Write it down

When I get an idea I make sure I write it down either on a sticky note, iPhone app like Things, and/or Evernote. Similar to getting you’re dog on a leash.

Categorize the Idea

Once I write it down, I take the time to look at my ideas and see which ones I can execute and which ones I will leave in a central repository (in this case let’s call it the Kennel). After that I will come back and evaluate which Ideas I can execute on immediately and I prioritize them. I also come back to the “kennel” periodically and see which ideas from there I can make happen.

Release Some Ideas

Some ideas deserved to be free; as much as I would like to keep my ideas on a leash or in the kennel, I know I can’t execute on all of them. Once I see someone that might be able to execute and benefit from them, I share my ideas. This is a way to see how others execute on your ideas and its also an opportunity to create healthier and closer relationships. Also be aware that 99% of the ideas you share others will ignore and probably not execute on them. Just be happy you shared something that might have been of benefit to that other person or group.

Taking your Ideas on a Walk

Once you have your ideas on a leash feel free to start executing on them and monitor for results.

We all have ideas that seem to take control of us. Try to focus on the ones that will help you reach your dreams and improve your lifestyle.

I am off to start a new project I have had in the kennel for a year. Will share a bit more soon on my blog so if you would like to be the first one to hear about it sign up and receive my blog updates directly into your email.