Hootsuite Goes Freemium! What!!!

Changing the Rules of The Game

My favorite tool to manage multiple Twitter accounts is @Hootsuite.

Today while reading Mashable I read that as of next week they will be changing their stucture into a Freemium model.

They will offer 30-day trial option for the service’s Pro Plans which offer a variety of Premium features as an ad-free UI, enhanced, stats, ans multiple RSS feeds, social Networks, and team members.


I am all for great products being succesful and becoming profitable but I do think that their pricing structure is way off.  For people that had unlimited service to have to pay almost $99.99 dollars a month is a long way to go. Also the Silver Package which provides very few options is 4 times as much as the Bronze version.

My suggestions for @Hootsuite:

  1. Make sure you don’t forget about your Early Adopters and Fans (Like Me). Maybe offering a discount if you have been using their platform already.
  2. Close in the Gap of the free services provided and the services that you will have to pay. Take a look at their pricing structure and restructure it.
  3. Increase the Number of Team Members on every plan. (I am not sure if a team members will have to pay for an extra account or if it will only allow you to assign team members to the accounts).
  4. Next time give more time to notify your existing users.
  5. Be careful when you change the rules of the game in the middle of it.

I would really like to have the opportunity to get a better pricing on the service so I can keep enjoying it.

I already had some of my friends RT my first tweet on the subject please feel to RT them.


Do you have any other suggestions for Hootsuite? (Please Comment Below)

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