Honoring Hurricane Maria Victims

Puerto Rico's Real Death Toll

A walk to honor the Victims and Deaths of Hurricane Maria and it's aftermath.

This morning my family and I took off and walked for an hour towards the Puerto Rico Capitol building.

It was a great way to honor the many who were not counted but left us early due to the lack of response from the US and Local Puerto Rico Government.  On the date, we published this post the Puerto Rico Government still has an official count of 64 deaths. Which triggered the Hashtag #NoSon64, expressing the fact that the number is inaccurate.

Many of the shoes had a story tied to them.

Our Shoes - No son 64 - Capitol Building Puerto Rico


My family and I left three pairs of shoes honoring extended family members that passed away shortly after Maria due to issues created by the lack of response. One of those extended family members was an unborn baby.

I want you to take a moment and think how we can make sure those who are responsible are held accountable for failing Puerto Rico and the many who died.

According to the Harvard Study the death toll is 4,645 but some of our friends that are journalists and have info are guessing the number could be double.

So take a minute and honor those who passed.

Even more importantly think of what you can do to make sure this situation is not repeated in the future.

May the 4645+ Rest in Power!  

Photos of Shoes

Representing Hurricane Maria Victims

Photos of the shoes placed in front of the Puerto Rico Capitol Building honoring the many deaths caused by Hurricane Maria and the aftermath that the Puerto Rico Government has not counted. 

Honoring Hurricane Maria Victims