Happy that Congress Voted to end #DADT

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I have been busy moving my blog and I feel behind writing here is one of the posts I wanted to write a few days ago. Since since my previous blog post

To Carry or Not to Carry a Weapon? a few people asked questions of my military service. Today while reading the tweets of @Robert_Richard I found this tweet he retweeted which brought me memories of some of the great people I served with which had been greatly discriminated by the same nation they serve :

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As a straight ex-service member I can’t be happier. While serving in the military I met many gay service members which had to serve and live double lives. I also had the perception of many others being gay but as the act said Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

I think Don’t Ask Don’t Tell opens the door to having it repealed but I thought there where many injustices in the act. No matter what branch you serve in the sacrifice you make is incredible. Being away from family members, not having the freedom to do was you wish, in many occasions being kept in certain areas, being put in harm’s way to fight for that freedom they don’t have (especially on deployments).

I have always been bothered on the lame excuses on how that is going to hurt troop morale. But it is perfectly fine when they integrate people from various religions, ethnic backgrounds, gangs, and even extremist groups.  I met at least 2 ex KKK Members while in the Army they claimed to not be racists any more , they had tattoos that where removed or burned over, in my opinion they where  in the closet racists. How can you integrate people with all these  backgrounds  (especially the extremists groups) and not allow gay service members to serve.

Going back to when I serve with those service members which I will not name to protect there privacy  (as they trusted me many years ago in keeping there secret). I have great memories since most of them where very dedicated to their jobs at hand. A few of them where excellent soldiers who really lived the all of the Army values better than other service members that where straight.

I still question myself how they where giving even more than me since they had to sacrifice their beliefs and values to protect those who many times are even against them.

Now I am sure these service members can focus a lot better on their mission at hand and not at trying to hide who they really where.

To all those service members who served and had to hide who they where I salute you and I join you in the celebration of what I always thought was an absurd law.

If you feel the same way I do feel free to visit this “Organizing for America Link” and thank congress for such a great decision it was about time.

Take a look at what I wrote (part of the text is already included by the form):

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

What do you think these actions will bring? I say a lot of positive things. I would be more than glad to read your opinions in the comments area.

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