Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daniela and Daddy's Birthday Card

Daniela trying to hold the card in her hand.

Today Raul celebrates his 31st birthday. We just wanted to take the time out to say that we love him very much and appreciate everything he does. He is a great father to Daniela and loves our dog JuanGa.

Daniela can’t write because she is only four months old, but her smile lets Raul know, that she loves him very much.

So please join our family in saying Happy Birthday to Raul.

  • Arsenio Sanchez

    Great hack/post Lucy! I can see Raul is enjoying this new stage as a daddy and I am sure he will enjoy his day with you and Daniela.

    Happy birthday Raul!

    • http://raulcolon.net Raul Colon

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Anonymous

      I was stressing out a bit due to the internet being down yesterday. Then with the bunny rescue we did and JuanGa going bananas, I thought Raul would never fall asleep for me to post this.

  • http://twitter.com/psychopr Emmanuel

    Happy birthday Raul. I think one reason you can add to your wishlist is live a highly proactive life.

    • http://raulcolon.net Raul Colon

      Excellent idea! I think if you look at some of the items on the other post they are trying to make you proactive.