Golden Voice = Ted Williams = 2nd Chance

Amateur radio equipment, 1957
For those of you who are baseball fans this post is about another Ted Williams.

I was reading @chrisbrogan’s blog when I read @danieldecker had sent him [amazon_link id=”1591843626″ target=”_blank” ]The Price of Everything[/amazon_link] (affilitate link) which I am very interested in buying and reading. I went ahead and took a look at @danieldecker’s blog and found “What can we learn from Ted Williams? The homeless man with the Golden Voice” a post written by him. It initially caught my eye thinking he was talking about the great baseball star. But reading the first few lines and watching the following video the post got very interesting.

I read and commented on @danieldecker’s post because on few occasions does someone complement video and text in such a way to take a message and make a good case. I can genuinely say @danieldecker had me thinking on some of the ways we act especially when he ends his post inviting you to watch a second video which once again makes us think on how many of us act.

Their are many Ted Williams on the street which have great talent but a few bumps in the road made them homeless.I really have to applaud @danieldecker for taking the time to write a post on such an awesome story. These are the great stories that would not reach the masses if it was not for the great channels of social media.

Have you ever thought of what would you do, if all of sudden you and your family ended up on the street?

If you have the privilege of having a roof over your head and this year is bringing great things take a minute and visit and help out a few that are not as fortunate as yourself?

Help @hardlynormal with his battle against people not having a roof!