Is Governor Fortuño following Walter Mercado’s line of work?

Browsing around Google+ I found this Interview of Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño and ended the video thinking it was a series of videos. The full video appeared like the intro to a complete interview and in my opinion appeared incomplete.

When asked on an interview conducted by Rob Blue of he replied with the following:

“I certainly hope so and I believe it should happen”

Governor Luis Fortuño’s Video of Interview

Hope is an example on how blurry the idea of statehood is even for him. Although he stated that he believed it should happen my perception is that he does understand how distant the reality of becoming a state really is.

He also mentioned that when it comes to voting for independence it is less of 2.5% the vote. But reality is based on my experiences the independence movement is much larger.

Many individuals like myself that want Puerto Rico to become independent are not aligned to a political party.

Many of these same individuals want Puerto Rico to grow in many ways and have given up on the political process given the few good candidate choices to occupy political positions and the overall elections process in the island.

Fortuño’s Definition of Democracy is Not Far From Hugo Chavez

Fortuño’s Definition of Democracy very different from the one many understands.  Way before Occupy Wall Street Protests Fortuño took the time in attempting to silence his opposes by using the police force in violent ways against those who questioned the current administrations experiments on the island (which have impacted us greatly.

I find it a bit hypocritical that he mentions the fact that Chavez tries to impose something on Puerto Ricans when he imposes the experiments of the U.S. Republican Party on the same individuals who voted him into. Many would agree that Fortuño has many demonstrated behaving like a dictator on multiple occasions.

The Difference is I am sure Chavez’s approval ratings in Venezuela are a lot better than Fortuño’s approval rating on the Island. The elections and time will tell!

Puerto Rican’s is Cannon Fodder for the U.S. Military

Fortuño confirms that Puerto Rico provides a higher amount of service members than 45 other states in spite of its size. As an ex-service member I have the outmost respect for those who decided to serve the United States or their countries. On the other side seeing how although we have so many service members Puerto Rico veterans have a lot more trouble being able to get their benefits than other states.

Another curious fact is that these service members can put their life on the line for the U.S. but they can’t elect any U.S. officials that send to combat.

I am not familiar with how Fortuño supports veterans but many of the folks I served with that are combat veterans feel that he has done very little. He brags about the participation and even lies about his relationships with veterans as stated in this article.

What has Fortuño done to improve the Life of those Veterans he so prodly brags about?

A Badge of Honor or Embarrassment to his Constituents?

Is it great to brag about having Toxic Relationships with our neighboring countries?

Fortuño is happy that he is not welcomed in other Southern American countries like Venezuela where the economy is doing a lot better than here in Puerto Rico. This might be one of the many reasons I am inclining to vote fore someone else but him. Until he realizes that keeping a cordial relationship with these countries is critical given. Our local economy will suffer from his arrogance and decisions to halt communications with these other countries.

I agree with Fortuño on 1 Thing

I understand and agree that he had to reduce the size of budget. Where he has failed greatly was in making sure there where systems in place to help identify income sources and supporting small business to take over the load of the high unemployment rate.

The Answers to the Interview

This 5 minute interview did not in my opinion answer the questions asked. As far as what Rob Bluey stated as reforms instituted by Governor Fortuño this brief video below by @AJFaultLines which I shared previously summarizes them.


Who will I vote for?

I am observing what will happen in the next few months. I am open to ideas of who to vote for and for the first occasion I am planning to vote in the Puerto Rico election for the best candidates not for the my favorite party like many Puerto Ricans opt to do.

As far whom I will vote for in the next elections? That is up to the candidates to demonstrate a clear plan of action towards the critical problems that need to be addressed.

My Prediction

As far as acting like Fortuño (playing a physic) if I had to make a Prediction I doubt that he will convince me that he should stay another 4 years but will give him the opportunity to change my mind.

As far as Fortuño following Walter Mercado’s line of work I am sure he would probably do a better job as a psychic than as Governor so maybe he should start planning for his next career move

What do you think?