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New Website to Manage and View #FollowFriday

I have been a fan of using #followfriday since I started using Twitter. I think of it as a way of being grateful to the key people who I interact with (on Twitter) during the week. When I first started using twitter every Friday I included most of the people that I interacted with during the week.

I was able to use as a beta tester and was initially impressed.
I found many benefits to the blog. The most practical one I Found is the creation of lists of the people that sent a #followfriday to a user and the option to send them a default tweet thanking (so you don’t forget).
Some of the Initial features are:
  • Very balanced front page with a Ranking of the user with the most mentions including the #FollowFriday hashtag.
  • Ranking by Country – is unique because it allows people to view who in their country received the most #FollowFriday .
  • Ranking by Language – Same as the Ranking by Country it gives you an idea on how was given the most #FollowFriday by Language.
  • Ranking by Verified – Separates the rest of twitter with those very privileged and validated verified accounts which are very well know users, companies, or celebrities.
  • It limits users who make more than 50 recommendations which can be used to get a #FollowFriday in return. Rules over all are very simple.
  • Widgets – as of right now it allows you to create a Widget for your blog or website with any selected user.
  • Very simple FAQ’s section which helps understand the process of the ranking of users.

On the User Panel

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

o Recommend a user and give them a #FollowFriday directly from the
o Follow the user directly.
o Share the information on how many recommendations the user received.
o Create a list of the people recommending the user or the user recommended.
o New followers from #followfriday
o How many recommendations where received on previous Fridays.
o An option to grab the Widget for the user.
o A graph depicting the #FollowFriday mentions from previous weeks.
Overall I am completely impressed by the first launch of and I can wait to experience the other features that will be added to the application.
If you want to read my spanish article on the website feel free to visit
I want to congratulate and thank @aartiles24 and @javierburon for the opportunity of making there Puerto Rico Representative. I met these great two developers during @chirp and I quickly saw how dedicated they where.  It is always a pleasure to have the privilege to work with such dedicated and intelligent individuals. My best wishes to them and I invite everyone to try and register on

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