To the Veterans

Alex and Robert in Afghanistan

When I was 17 I made the decision to join the military and to this day I clearly did not understand very well what I was getting into. There where a few things that motivated my enlistment and one of them was following in the steps of my Uncle Rey and both my Grandfathers who…

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Piloto 151 San Juan’s First Co-Working Space

Piloto 151 Co Working Space

Working at home has its benefits and yes it is convenient to wake up in the morning, roll out my bed, and walk towards my office which is in the room next to ours. But there are a few limitations when it comes to growing a business or starting one, which is the case with…

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A Memorable Experience – Misfit Conference Fargo

As I headed to Fargo, North Dakota to attend the first Misfit Conference created by my friends AJ Leon and Melissa Leon I was anxious to set my feet on the ground after the rocky plane ride I had just experienced. Perhaps that was going to be an indication of how the conference was going…

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Keeps Your Hands Free during SXSW

Parque de las Palomas

Yes it’s that time of the year again and I am getting ready to make my third pilgrimage to Austin along with many geeks, bloggers,  developers, and people interested in learning more about digital. Last year I created a few posts and a guide on making your SXSW experience an easier one.  I do this…

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Meeting Kevin Mitnick Thanks to ISSA PR

In my previous life as an IT Security and Governance professional, I use to earn most of my income helping companies safeguard their overall assets by identifying Threats, Vulnerabilities, and the risk each IT process could create. I fast forward to now and I am more in the state of looking into business processes to…

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