Did AAA give me a Toy Pony?

My little pony G3 Strawberry Swirl

I am not sure if most of you have seen the commercials of Ally Bank depicting how some banks treat their new customers better than their existing customers.

My favorite commercial of that series (which I have included below) is about a little girl offered a pony and given a toy and the other one given a Real Pony.

If you can’t see the video click here…

Today I felt like I was given a Toy Pony by AAA (American Automobile ). I have been a loyal customer since they came into Puerto Rico and they decided to increase the fees of the membership without improving their current offering.

If you are a member of AAA in Puerto Rico you pay for Roadside Assistance. Other benefits of the membership you have to wait till you travel outside the and then see if you find any.

Personally I travel a bit more than the average Puerto Rican Resident and I have not been able to use the benefits elsewhere much less on the Island.

This week I got a letter that they increase the membership from approximately $76 locally to $107 (40% + increase in price). I am not sure if they did their research on how the economy is looking locally but I am sure that will make them lose current clients and hinder the possibility of new ones subscribing here.

I am sure most people like me will cancel when you have other options that are more cost effective. In my case ever since I got rid of the Car that I bought from a very irresponsible dealership which never validated my extended warranty and sold me a lemon (Garage Isla Verde) I have not had any issues with my other car. In conclusion in the last two years I have not used the service.

I try to think why these companies don’t value customer loyalty. Why do they decide to hike up prices without a proper notification?

Are you treating your new customers the same as your existing customers?

What would you do if you had to raise prices on existing customers?

Have you found an attractive discount of AAA on the Island?


  1. Prometeo on January 19, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    There is something that businessmen call “calculated risks”. Looks like AAA miscalculated this time. But maybe that’s what happens when you do business out of your country and don’t take enough care to see how you out of border clients are doing. The fact that they did not even offer something more may be because they think that there is no competition on the island. Anyway, it’s their loss.