Creating more than I Consume the Disney Way

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The other day I wrote about how Walt Disney’s biography  “Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination“(Amazon Affiliate Link)
) helped  understand how when you invest time in projects, you might not see immediate results until much later in life or even worst after we have left this world.

One of the many values I got out of reading Walt Disney’s biography was shifting my attitude of consuming information to actually creating little projects. Walt was so focused on creating awesome and unique things that he was not into consuming information which was not relevant to what he was doing. Walt was so ahead of his time that most of his work came directly from his imagination.

Staying Alert of Opportunities

How many of us have been in a situation where we see something and say why did I not think of that. You probably did but did not elaborate or pay attention to it. For the same reason I recommend to Stay Alert and Stay Passionate. If you take notes and listen to yourself you might be amazed at all the ideas that appear after the initial idea. We just don’t take the time to pay attention or take action and execute.

Finding a Balance between Consuming and Creation

One of my biggest faults was my passion for reading. Walt was so focused on creating that if he would have spent the time I spent reading he would have not accomplished much. I had to control my reading and actually create something. One of the products that came out of this shift in behavior was the various blogs where I have been able to write numerous articles.

I guess it is a bad comparison when you look at what Walt accomplished but I am creating a bit more and consuming a lot less. I still try to read a book every two weeks or even sometimes once a week but I also create 10 to 15 articles a week which I post and share on various blogs including my own and the soon-to-be launched

Benefits of Creating

Walt left his ideas for us to enjoy. If you take the time to write and put it in a blog, your thoughts, experiences, content, and/or information are there to share.

I cannot imagine what Walt could have accomplished if the internet, twitter, and all these other tools where around him. I can say on my behalf that we would have found him a lot earlier and maybe given him even more credit before he left us.

The Power of Connectivity

We can focus on those who we have common interests with us which is something Walt did not have at the time he was creating his masterpieces. Walt had to have enough capital to get his content (movies, cartoons, and or other projects) to the masses. Thankfully we don’t have those obstacles now. We can do multiple things and at the same time stay connected with those near and far.


We can easily upload our creations to Youtube, a Blog, create an e-book, and share it on twitter. The biggest investment is our own time. We can experiment at a lower cost than Walt and many others before us. If you have the capital it is not an obstacle; you are just fighting for your place with the rest of the crowd.

I challenge you to make an experiment. If you have a talent document it, put in practice, share it, and if you need any help in doing so feel free to contact me I can at least share it with my contacts.

There is no better time than doing things right now.

Now is the time and the sky is the limit.  Go for it and please share your experiences with the rest of us. Believe me you will make a difference.

Are you up for the challenge?