Coming out of Our Shells like @X3NIA17 #TheVoice

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I am not a big fan of American Idol or most of these shows where an artists is chosen. Between managing the few blogs, being a new dad, running CIMA IT Solutions (with the help of @lucymfel), and stopping by Kitchen Table Companies (Affiliate Link) where I check in with my Small Business Advisory Board various times a day, I have to say that I don’t have much time to watch TV.

I don’t set a specific time to watch a TV show and in its entirety. The voice captivated my attention because I am big fan of Cee-lo Green and he is a judge on the show. I was really impressed by the diversity of people singing with different styles.

I have to say I am rooting for Team @ceelogreen and I have exchanged a few tweets with fellow contestant  from #TeamCeelo @Nakia who is from the City of Austin which I visited for SXSW. He has an awesome voice and I have to say he is my favorite.

But out of all the contestants there is one in particular, that has transformed herself in two episodes. @X3NIA17, one of the youngest of the group competing has a very distinct voice and seems to be extremely shy (something I wish I had a little bit of). If you look at her previous presentation during the battle round  (following video),  she really has an awesome voice.

If you can see the video Click Here

This weeks performance

During this weeks show you could see she worked very hard and @X3NIA17 showed that she was having some fun during the performance.

I was so enchanted by her version of the song, Price Tag, I bought it on Itunes. I have played the song many times and it quickly reminds me how we all need to work on getting out of our shells. If we take @X3NIA17’s example and work with coming out of our shells, it can make a big difference (you might even end up with fans on the other side of the world or in a small island in the carribean).

Is there something you need to improve on and but are too timid to ask for help?

Is there a talent you need to complement with another and you are just too afraid to work on it because you have fear of failing?

Watch this video and if you see any improvement from @X3NIA17’s previous performance do the following:

  1. Write Down what is bothering you and what you need to work on
  2. Write three things you can do to fix them (if you need some ideas share it in the comments are or contact me directly)
  3. Make sure you vote for @X3NIA17 Ok this one is optional.
  4. Watch the following video to see what else inspires you to come out of your shell.


If you can see the video Click Here