It’s ok to not be Normal… II

Atlas Statue in Rockefeller Center

When you think differently from those that surround you. When you are not scared to let people know what you think. When you are transparent and people know where you stand. When you’re a Misfit and the world is a bit more like the LEGO Movie’s masses. When Toxic People don’t have enough to do…

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52 Books in 1 Year Challenge

Walk in Isla Verde

My friend and New York Times Bestselling Author Julien Smith challenges himself to read one book a week.  I have decided that 2014 is a good year to challenge myself. Why? I have always been an avid reader and in 2013 I regret not making more time for reading so I am going to make…

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One Foot In Front of the Other

Writing about shifting priorities helped me realize that when we establish priorities, moving towards progress might be the most complicated part of the commitment. When priorities change from time to time we might end up losing track of the progress in our current efforts. Adding the element of handling multiple projects also creates complexity in…

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Shifting Priorities

Photo taken by Lucilla Feliciano

Since I have been living near the beach for a year, I have been writing and publishing less content. Everyday I feel horrible when I don’t write or go for my 6 mile runs. I like to write but with the many projects in progress that I want to finish which (this is tied to…

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Building the courage to attack any problem

My friend and creative rock star A.J. Leon help me a few months ago understand that the absence of fear is not courage. After reading that post I realized that I could not agree more with AJ on how we all have to build courage. Risk takers like me also fall into their comfort zone…

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