Are you a Chicken or a Pig?

chicken in a pig suit

Reading the blog of one of my favorite tweeps @karimacatherine I bumped into a good analogy on project management and business types.
Crippled Pig & Chicken

She related Chickens with Pigs and makes an explanation on how both types are described and the individual characteristics of each. I was able to identify with both although I am working more toward being the second.

It has been approximately two years since I started my own business CIMA IT Solutions , since then the equity I have gained has been mostly on the knowledge side no the economical side. I have to be very grateful that 2010 started out great and headed towards right direction.

A few weeks ago I realized that the way I was managing my small business was more on the Pig’s side than the Chicken’s side (please read @karimacatherine’s blog post to understand the analogy).

Although I see it very difficult to be a chicken being a small business owner I think that is the objective of most of us becoming a chicken. Making sure that everything is working correctly by adequately mitigating risk and reaping results and not being exposed to disaster.

What are your opinions and your approach on @karimacatherine blog post?

If you find her post interesting I recommend you following her on twitter @karimacatherine.

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