Alert! Reindeer in the Tropics!

Key Deer

Holidays are Approaching! Alert! Reindeer in the Tropics!

I was born in Puerto Rico and have lived most of my life on the Island (although I lived in Connecticut during my childhood 2-12 years old and in 2004-2006).

Like most kids I remember I was always amazed by reindeer. I went to elementary school Bridgeport, CT at Multicultural Magnet. I remember as a kid always getting very excited when I got to see the deer that where on the other side of the fence (protected habitat). It happen only on certain days but just by getting to see one it really made my day.

Today I found out that we have deer in Puerto Rico living as wildlife in the beautiful Island of Culebra.

I have never been to Culebra and I will make it a purpose to visit the island before the end of 2011.

Learning that they have deer on the island gives me another reason to Stay at the @Palmettoculebra Guesthouse which my friend @mark_hayward owns.

What a better vacation than getting to see one of my favorite animals without the cold weather a perfect match.

Did you know that deer lived in Puerto Rico? Have you visited the Island of Culebra and seen one?

If you would love to disconnect from the World and visit a beautiful and enchanting small island feel free to let @mark_hayward know that you need a reservation to stay at the @palmettoculebra Guesthouse.

I thought that if I wanted to see deer I had to go up north. I guess all I need is to visit my friend @mark_hayward with a short boat trip.

What two things that don’t match would you like to enjoy at the same time? If anyone get a glimpse of Santa Claus in Culebra feel free to let me know?

If you want to learn more about Culebra take a look at my previous post “Bringing the Guests into Culebra!”

If you feel like taking a dip at the same beach the Deer did feel free to click the image below!
Palmetto Guesthous