A Flash to the Past

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

I have not been travelling much lately but when I do I usually travel in the early morning flight leaving Ponce Airport to New York. Being a Dad know I don’t want my little girl taken out of the house at 3 am so Lucy could drop me off so I have found another solution which helps me get to the airport in an easier way.

My good friend Jose Vargas has an outstanding brother named Normand. A quiet but very bright young man that who just finished his electrical engineering degree. I am a few years older than Normand, which gives me the opportunity to see the drive he has and how responsible he is. When hiring or having Normand help me gives me peace of mind because he is always on time and always exceeds my expectations.

A Reminder of Myself

Normand reminds me a lot of me when I had finished school. The only big differences are that Normand came out of school in a different economical environment. I see Normand succeeding in anything he attempts but I can feel his struggle with the current lack of jobs here on the Island and even in the U.S.

Normand has been working as contractor for CIMA IT Solutions and I wish business picked up soon so I can bring him along full time because I can see the talent and drive he has. Every time I give Normand a task he completes it in record time and with quality work better than some individuals that have a lot more experience.

Overall Normand is a great resource to have on any time I hope to keep him helping us for as long as I can and hopefully offering him better opportunities in the near future.

What does a College Graduate Do to Find a Job These Days?

When we started our business we set up a local job board that helped people find jobs but was a very bad economical decision since I was funding it out of my pocket and not receiving any compensation for it.

After attempting to get the job board off the floor we ended shutting down the job board and focusing more on the consulting side.

This experience served me well to understand a bit more the relationship of local companies and how I consider there recruiting process is a complete waste of money. Instead of searching for good quality resources like Normand they would spend thousands of dollars on the Local Newspapers (which love to take the advertising fees) even when all they do is get the inadequate resources to submit there resumes and apply for positions via mail.

Finding a job is no easy task for individuals with experience I can’t imagine how it is for Normand an excellent resource, which just graduated college.

Do you know of any recent college grads that are looking for jobs? How has there experience been?

Do you know of any companies that would like to hire an excellent college grad to bring them along on there team? I can vouch for Normand and recommend him you will not regret giving him an opportunity?