4 Women and a Baby

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So many people ask themselves what is the Definition of being a good Mom. I know for a fact that @lucymfel in these first 4 months of being a Mom she has asked herself that question in many ways and many times. My quick definition of a good Mom includes the following 5 factors:

  • One that loves her Children passionately
  • Is Willing to do anything for them but not do everything for her child
  • Makes sure to teach her children respect and responsibility
  • Does have lots of patience and overall a unique way of understanding.
  • She does the best she can do?

This year different to other Mother’s day I have 4 important key women in my life one of them not being a mom but playing a key part into @lucymfel becoming one.

My Grandmother Lydia is an example of perseverance and hard work. My way of thinking is very similar to hers. While bringing up three children one of them being my mom she was able to hold various jobs and also run a Florist shop to make sure she provided to all of them. To this day she maintains herself decorating and keeping herself busy always thinking on how to provide or make the lives of her children and grand-children better. In my opinion the image of Grandma is the highest level of commitment a mother can have.

My Mom Sylvette is someone I have learned many things from. I might not always agree with her on many things but something that I can say for sure is that I love her with all my heart. I have great memories of all the great things my mom worked hard to get us when we where children and the great moments that we had and are still waiting to have. It is great that this Mother’s day I am able to spend time with her since she is visiting in Puerto Rico and I have her closer than most of the time.

I never understood how natural it could be to a woman to become an excellent new mom. I remember years ago having a conversation with my spiritual mother Miriam Gonzalez on how motherhood was part of every woman’s nature. Just as Myriam has taught me so many things I really have to say that she was right on the money.

These last 4 months I have seen how @lucymfel ran from becoming a Rookie Mom to an excellent Mom. I have learned so much these last few months living with two women who I love and adore (@danielalcolon and @lucymfel). I have seen how Lucy goes above and beyond to make sure @danielalcolon has everything she needs. How she makes sure that Daniela is entertained reading to her and doing so many things that clearly bring me a smile just by thinking of it.

There is also someone who over many years has been coaching me as if I where her son. I truly believe that she thinks of me as a Son and I consider one of my Spiritual mothers. Miriam Gonzalez was my Religion teacher on my last year of High School. Miriam has a good track since she is a brilliant woman who graduated as a Chemical Engineer to later follow her passion for teaching religion to reach many of us who really have benefited from her teachings and love. She has three children all of them very caring and succesful individuals (one of them being one of the few athletes to represent Puerto Rico in an Olympics). Myriam is another example to follow as a mother. What is really unique about her is how she spreads the motherly love with those that are not her biological children. I guess we are all connected in one way or another but a person like Myriam reminds us that you don’t have to be blood related to show motherly love.

I really want to dedicate this post to Lucy, Myriam, my Mom, and my Grandma Lydia which are very different individuals but they are all awesome Mothers.

Who do you want to dedicate this mother’s day too? What things in your dictionary define what an awesome mom is?

It would be great if you could share it in your comments?