Why I Blog?

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

I try to write a few blog posts a day. On some occasions I get lucky and I am able to write more than two on others I write two long posts. I have seen how preparing posts ahead of time puts me in the position of being able to create content that looks more organized.

Everyone that writes a blog has a purpose behind it,  many like me have various objectives. I have maintained blogs to bring business in, to create awareness, to educate, to share tips on things I have gotten value out of, to share ideas, to get feedback, and overall to connect with people online that I would have no other way of reaching.

One Blog for Many Objectives

For each blog I manage I have various objectives:


Run by a collaborative effort of a few of us that provide content my main objective is to create awareness of how to protect your children from the online threats by sharing thoughts with adults mostly parents. We also share tips and our thoughts as parents. Although we are always looking for contributors we want to make sure the content we share is relevant to our readers and mostly useful.


An idea inspired by a conversation that led me into feeling that like me there are many others who are vegetarian and Latino. We try to also create awareness on the vegetarian lifestyle helping others who are not familiar with it learn a bit more. Aligning it to our culture we also share vegetarian recipes that are meatless options of Latino traditional dishes.

CIMA IT Solutions Blog

This blog is more aligned to my business objectives and although I do share my thoughts on many business issues here at raulcolon.net I try to be more objective on the corporate site. I like to share tips on small business resources and technology tools that can be useful to any business. Here I have shared case studies and other opportunities I have had working on projects and this helps readers understand a bit more of what CIMA IT Solutions is about.


In this blog my main objective is sharing my thoughts on business, economy, Puerto Rico, and my overall experiences in my daily life. I try to share what I am feeling in a way that keeps me balanced from not over sharing but with enough content that people can learn a bit more about me. When people have learned a bit more about me they have shared a bit more about them that allows me to know people a bit better.

Everything I write I have an objective with each blog post. I expect certain actions to be taken but on many occasions, I am surprised when the feedback from a blog post goes in a different route from what I had predicted.

I write because I have a purpose in trying to get my words to be read by you and right now as you read this I am accomplishing my goal.