What Makes A Successful Blog Post?

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I read Tom Webster’s post on Looking for Money in the Grass which really got me thinking about how my approach towards creating content is more driven by what I feel about writing than going by statistics increasing the probability of it being read or what factors can actually bring more people in.

There are many Blog Post Examples

My first objective when I write something is to share an idea, thought, or question I have in my head. In most occasions if there is something bothering me there is a good chance it is also bothering someone else. Making a connection that someone else might have the same issue can actually create posts that I consider successful.

A good example was when I created a post days after the iPad 2 had launched and I had broken mine on its first drop. I just wanted to create awareness on how fragile the iPad was and to this day I get many readers to that simple post I created out of frustration. That particular post has brought more traffic to my blog than most other posts altogether. My explanation of having so many people come into my site on that post is that I was one of the first to have broken the iPad 2 and written about it. Individuals searching on Google to find a fix to the same situation where able to land on my blog and read my story and how resolved it.

I consider my broken iPad 2 post to be successful for the following reasons:

  • It help others find a solution to getting their iPad fixed. Look in the comments area I see a few  readers thanking me because they where able to convince Apple to replace their iPad 2 at no cost.
  • It brought plenty of traffic into my site in which many have become periodic visitors and have subscribed to my newsletter.
  • I was able to make some affiliate income to at least cover the costs of running the blog and the time I invest in it each month.
  • I was able to get a complimentary case from Otterbox for my iPad 2 money saved on a product I like.
  • It created a few new relationships on social platforms with people that related to my story and to this day every once in a while we chat online.
  • The most commented post on my blog.

Although I consider my iPad 2 post to be successful I really did not think much of it before I published it. If I would have used any guidelines towards posting I am more than sure that it would not have impacted it much since the main reason people continue to visit that post is because they want to solve a problem and get more information on how they can get their iPad 2 replaced.

Other than my broken iPad 2 posts I have seen other posts that I did not think where going to catch people’s attention but really seemed to touch a few people. The pattern I see with these posts is that similar to the broken iPad 2 posts they are going through a similar situation and want to find answers or more information on that situation.

We define success is many ways I like to define it as not having to cut the grass others even consider a blog post to be successful when it has landed them a project or income. In my case I have a good mix of them.

In other cases success can also be measured by having a post with a good Return on Investment!

As a blogger or reader what would you consider a Successful Blog Post?


  1. Prometeo on October 29, 2011 at 7:50 am

    Every blog post has it’s own life. Sometimes they catch on sometimes they become visible after a while. I’ve noticed that the most visited blog post on my blog are the ones that I’ve written under strong emotions. People feel what they read and if they reverberate with what you write they will come and call others. 

    • Raul Colon on October 29, 2011 at 8:44 pm

      I have to agree with the strong emotions part I have the second most visited post here under that category. 

      I think those blog posts that take a life of their own are the ones that can accomplish a lot.