Video: Solving Puerto Rico

For the past few weeks I have been creating videos in spanish with Gil Schmidt for small business owners which I have been publishing on our new company website.

We have covered subjects  that might be useful for entrepreneurs as improving email communicationsPrioritize your Strategy over Executing Tasks, and  Why and When to Fire Clients.

Solving Puerto Rico Episode 4

The Limonade Stand video series was an idea born and created by Gil after the Solving Puerto Rico interview.

It is a follow up on some of the opportunities him and I could collaborate with and maybe help entrepreneurs and/or those that want to become entrepreneurs.

Video Interview

Can’t see the video click here.

As we try to tailor our video creation efforts it would be great to get your feedback on the video.

Also take the time to watch the rest of the series of videos and reach out to Gil.

What are you creating that we have not seen and we need to put the focus on? Let’s chat in the comments or contact me directly.