Vegan Ropa Vieja by @alisavaldes

I had the opportunity yesterday to give you guys a brief explanation of the main reason Why I Don’t Eat Meat! A few of you where very interested in moving forward with at least trying the Detox 2 weeks going without animal derived products for two weeks.
In the spirit of eating less meat the reason my post was inspired yesterday was because @alisavaldes posted this great video on her twitter account.

Creative and great vegan recipe with Caribbean Flavors

I think it was a fun way towards explaining a creative and great vegan recipe with our great Caribbean Flavors!
Enjoy the Video!
Do you have any latin or Caribbean inspired vegetarian or vegan recipes?
Please feel free to share your thoughts, recipes, or questions on our comments below the video!

If you enjoyed the recipe feel free to visit @alisavaldes new Vegetarian Cuban Cooking cookbook blog.

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