The Difference One Year Can Make

Morning Picture of Isla Verde Beach

I took this picture a year ago as I watched the sunrise on Isla Verde Beach.

The coastline now is different, and the whole Island's structure has shifted. Most folks are focusing on how to survive without necessary things like electricity, running water, food, and communications.

Getting Ready to Celebrate Christmas

However, seeing how people are getting ready to celebrate the holiday season makes me grasp how as humans we can adjust to the worst scenarios.

38+ Days outside of the Island

After spending 38 days out of the Island not having to worry about the Internet, Food, Electricity, Water and many other things. I feel more comfortable at home looking at how I can help friends and family overcome this ordeal.

This year has been the most challenging year since I started my business in 2008. That was before Hurricane's Irma, and Maria hit.

Thanks to Everyone That Helped

But seeing how I have great friends that came to our help to allow our business to operate outside of the Island and have helped us with our Veterinary costs of our Four Legged Son and Labrador Juanga. I have to focus on what is next and how we are all going to be able to move forward. .

My Photography to Help Others

I am planning to sell some of my images online. I am going to donate whatever profits I make in the next two weeks to those directly in need. If your interested in taking a look at some of the photos I have of the Island Pre Maria message me.

To everyone that has helped thank you so much.

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