Discipline comes in Different Flavors

My abs hurt a bit. My lack of fitness discipline made me forgot I had any. Just a few days ago I made the commitment with myself to go back to the fitness studio (it is different from a gym). I work out at a fitness studio that belongs to is a client and friend…

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Friends, Food Trucks, and Family

Mastering the Digital Channel Event at Colónnade Hotel

The previous week I spent most of my time connecting with old friends and family. My main objective was understanding what is the best way to approach a few new opportunities that have been presented to me. Nice hotel, Good Vegan Food, and Even Better Friends My week started flying off to Boston where I…

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From KPMG To Entrepreneur Uncle Gussy’s New York

In 2004 I was lucky enough land a job at KPMG’s New York office. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish. Two years before, while visiting my parents in Connecticut I had wished I could work in New York. As a 22 year old at the time there was not a cooler place…

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