Discipline comes in Different Flavors

Fernando training at Fit911 Studio

My abs hurt a bit. My lack of fitness discipline made me forgot I had any.

Just a few days ago I made the commitment with myself to go back to the fitness studio (it is different from a gym). I work out at a fitness studio that belongs to is a client and friend of mine.

A Bad Year for My Fitness Efforts

In 2014 I cut back on running and working out. This was a bad decision which reflects quickly in my face as I’ve gained weight. I have always struggled with controlling my weight.

Like most people, I get into a routine and when I fall off track, it’s difficult for me to get back on board.

I stopped going to the gym a few times in 2014 and that kept me away for most of the year.

I also did now write as much as I wanted to write. I focused on my goal of reading 52 books in one year but also missed the mark with that goal.

Creating Increases my Discipline Diversity

To be honest I rather create than consume. I rather be active than passive. Although reading is important, keeping a balance is critical.

I returned to the gym to seek a healthy routine and get back on track. I think of how many like me have different flavors of discipline.

When it comes to business I am always able to meet my goals and deadlines.

My friends Jeff Pulver and Chris Brogan have been doing a great job at being disciplined in business and fitness. It’s inspiring to see such successful entrepreneurs doing their best.

Playing to our strengths

We are all humans and we need motivation and guidance. I am also driven by not hurting anyone economically. For that reason I am very disciplined when it comes to business matters.

A sales person establishes a routine to keep their sales pipeline healthy.

If you’re a baker you probably wake up earlier than everyone else. You provide warm and fresh bread when your customers crave and want it.

If you run a food truck like Uncle Gussy’s, you establish a routine to prep your food. On some occasions, that prep takes place days before you serve it to customers. Nicko consistently provides excellent customer service to each customer approaching the food truck.

Nicko offers the same smile and care to the first customer early in the morning and to the last customer in the afternoon. The customer probably doesn’t notice that he has been going non-stop from anywhere to 14 hours at a time.

My friend Andres owns the personal training studio that receives me with open arms when I return from my training hiatus. He is also an example of on-going discipline to keep his business running.

He wakes up at 3:00 a.m. to start taking care and training clients that want to work out early and continues training other clients that rather work in the late evening hours. Andres guides his clients into better health and appearance. But like every other business, creating the right environment to inspire, is one that can be exhausting.

I do the same for my clients when it comes to the health and appearance of their business.

I look for ways to create processes and routines that will make people and their businesses successful.

I guess we all have to play to our strengths. We seek motivation in what we are good at, so we can support our week areas.

So what are your strengths? Are you good at working out? Are you a great salesperson?

Now find one thing you do right and try to use that method to improve one or two weaknesses.

Take your discipline flavors and mix them and see how they can make you stronger.