Paddle Boarders and a Surfer in Isla Verde

Paddle Boarders and Surfers Unite #IslaVerde #PuertoRico

Buy a Copy of “Paddle Boarders and a Surfer in Isla Verde” You deserve to have a digital copy of some of the pictures I have taken of Puerto Rico. This picture was taken from Isla Verde Beach in Carolina, Puerto Rico. My Thoughts on the Image At one point in my life I use to bodyboard. After…

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How I captured the Attention of 10k+ people in a day

Water Bird Eating

I have been sharing my thoughts and experiences online since I set up my first website in 1998 on; a version full of ads is still available on the free hosting service. It took me some time to set up my personal blog (this one) as a project. After running multiple blogs which were geared…

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The Pollution Problem #PuertoRico Fails to Hide

Isla Verde Beach

I usually share a picture of my views on my beach walks and many might think I truly live in Paradise. When I try to explain the reality of how I put a positive spin to a place with very serious issues, most people quite don’t understand and some might not even believe me. I…

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