Cool Video Book Review: Impact Equation #ImpactEQ

Keith Nerdin Video Book Review of Impact Equation

Video Review of Chris Brogan and Julien Smith book Impact Equation As I planned last night to create a book review on the Impact Equation after publishing a more detailed review on this blog I found this video book review created by Keith Nerdin on the book the Impact Equation by my friends Julien Smith and…

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Visualizing the Impact Equation

Impact Equation Book Isla Verde Puerto Rico

A book that covers online communications and starts with the phrase: “Ceci n’est pas un social networking book” Is a book I definitely want to read! Before I continue writing about this great book that helps us understand how communicate and create relationships with current emerging technologies, I want to explain that I am a…

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Runnur Making Empty Pockets a Good Thing

Me and Julien with My Runnur!

The Runnur Mini Backpack Since I got back from SXSW you might have seen me walking around with what looks a mix between a messenger bag sling and a fanny pack. While walking on the SXSW tradeshow floor, I encountered a booth that was selling an item called Runnur (Affiliate Link). As soon as I saw…

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