Prediction Giants Win & @julito77 Writes for @Papaheroes #PapaRebelde

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As I have expressed previously on this blog I Love to Gamble. Given that I also become a fan of the New York Giants when they are in the SuperBowl I went ahead and used my passion of Gambling and my love for the Giants in creating a bet with my good friend Julio Varela better known as @julito77 on twitter.

Julio Varela Accepts the Bet

When the Giants Win!

When the New York Giants win Julio will have to write for a full week (5 Posts I will give him the weekend off) for Papaheroes and Veglatino so he better be looking for at least one Vegan Latino recipe to share with us.

If the Patriots Get Lucky

On the other side let’s say the Patriots get Lucky and use their not so ethical practices of sending Spies over to the Giants and win the Game. I will be writing 5 posts for Latino Rebels.

So until SuperBowl Sunday you can stay up to date as Julito gets ready to write even more than he does already for a full week at

Here is a video he created and you can follow the action on twitter or Google Plus with Hashtag #PapaRebelde.

So far I have never seen a Game where the Giants are in the Super Bowl and they lose so I appreciate the help Julio will be giving us at for a week.