Limited Time Offer: Get Genesis for WordPress at a Great Price

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The main framework I create WordPress blogs is in the Genesis Framework because it gives me a healthy environment for me to create WordPress sites and on occasions, for many of my private not for profit projects I have gotten them up and running with grabbing their turn-key child themes.

I bought the Genesis Framework about 15 months ago, and I can say that I have seen value of the amount I paid to have the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package (affiliate Link).

On occasions, the great folks at StudioPress do offer great opportunities to get this package at impressive pricing.

Today they are offering at 10 percent discount before they raise the praise after January 31, 2012.

Feel free to visit the site and take advantage of this deal by clicking the following link.

StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package

If you have any questions on Genesis feel free to ask them in the comments area or contact me directly.

If you need any help from setting up Genesis or its Child Themes from a basic set up to a complete personalization and customization feel free to fill the contact form below.

Here are some examples of  blogs and sites I have created with Genesis Framework for clients and my efforts:

Some of the Sites and Blogs we built on the  Genesis Framework:

    • With Rick Lipsett working on the creative side we were able to customize one of Child Themes into our personalized look.
    • Partnering with our longest standing client, we where able to create a website and blog for Romy which helps him sell his Insurance packages.
  • Madrina Horchata
    • With our Partnership of Paco Communications we used the basic Genesis Framework Theme, and with the aid of the Paco Creative Team and our team at CIMA IT on the coding side, we created
    • We created based on one of the themes of the Genesis Framework a blog to help people in Chicago find their favorite food trucks.
    • Using one of the Genesis Child Themes we where able to get this blog up and running with a clean feel in less than a day.
  • ClearViewpr
    • We moved our CIMA IT Solutions client from Drupal platform using one of the child themes in as little as a few days work.
  • LatinaMomBloggers
    • With modifications to a Child Theme, we where able to create a blog and website that was useful.
  • Archipelago Restaurant (Ceased Operations)
    • We created a new look for the restaurant with modifications to one of the Child Themes.
    • Moved site from Drupal to Genesis Child theme in a few of hours.
  • Raulcolon.netthis blog)
    •  I moved the site over from Drupal initially using the Lexicon child theme and days ago I tweaked the Generate Theme a bit and moved it over to this new clean and practical theme.


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