In Person Social

Isla Verde Beach by Raúl Colón

Platforms like Google+ and Twitter allow us to connect to people around the world. As you read this you might be in a place where I might want to visit or places I have visited before Small Experiment It would be very nice of you if in the comments area you write where you are…

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It’s Fun to Accept Failure #PechaKucha

Angiemille - Seriously Creative Pecha Kucha # 11

The advantage of collaborating with Mark Hayward for the #140Meetup was getting to meet Dana Montenegro and Angiemille Latorre from Seriously Creative. Being invited to my second Pecha Kucha served as an opportunity to remind us on finding solutions and collaborating more if we want to improve our environments. On arrival I chatted with Ramphis…

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Sharing My Stories

Telling our story is something we all do in different forms. I recently found out that I was capturing my story in different ways but limiting myself in sharing it. I created a website and made it into a virtual yearbook for my senior class. This was before having platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, WordPress…

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Creative & Serious Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha #10

A little more than a month ago I did not know what a Pecha Kucha was. For some strange reason the word Pecha Kucha has been popping up everywhere even in the recent book I am reading on Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery recommended in Guy Kawasaki’s book Enchantment. Thanks to Angiemille…

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Too Much Noise, Not Enough Engagement!

One of the reasons I see many small businesses and entrepreneurs failing is because they don’t have enough healthy relationships or connections. I have seen some cases where we see how someone has an awesome product or service but not many people know about it. With so many ways to connect many people still fail…

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