Fix Slow Computer & Multiple Monitor Issues in Mountain Lion

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I upgraded to Mountain Lion and quickly detected some normal and small glitches like my computer running slower and my multiple monitor set up not working.  I fixed both issues easily with a bit of research and some help from Lifehacker and Google’s search function.

Keep Your Mac Running In Order

Months ago thanks to LifeHacker I ran into an article titled Superior Alternatives to Crappy OS X Software. The most useful app out of the bunch was Iceclean which I have continued using to repair permissions, optimize processors, optimize databases, optimize launch services, and also perform other important maintenance tasks you should periodically run on your mac.

As soon as I installed Mountain Lion I went ahead and ran Iceclean that took care of a few things that fell out of order during the migration from Lion to Mountain Lion. Once the maintenance finished and Mountain Lion installed my Macbook Pro has been running better.

Multiple Monitors with Mountain Lion

Not only is Mountain Lion not enhanced to do a full screen on each monitor without blanking out the others it also seems to cause some issues with some plug-and-play devices that allow you to connect multiple monitors. I use a Plugable a VGA/DVI/HDMI Adapter for Multiple Monitors which allows you to have three monitors or more on a laptop.

After reading in various forums I went directly to the Plugable website and downloaded their Mac Drivers to correct my issue with the monitors.

Once the drivers where easily installed I had all three monitors working in order allowing me to enjoy the Mountain Lion because as a stay at home dad I  should have multiple monitors.

Have You Upgraded yet?

What has been your experience so far with Mountain Lion?

Any tips you can share with us?

Any new functions you will be using more than others?

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