Keeps Your Hands Free during SXSW

Parque de las Palomas

Yes it’s that time of the year again and I am getting ready to make my third pilgrimage to Austin along with many geeks, bloggers,  developers, and people interested in learning more about digital.

Last year I created a few posts and a guide on making your SXSW experience an easier one.  I do this more as an exercise to prepare myself; I advise that when it comes to SXSW Interactive, especially if it is your first one, most of the planning goes out the door once the conference starts.

Last year while walking the SXSW trade show floor, I found a booth that had a neat mini-backpack called a Runnur.

Andrew Hamra, CEO of the company, gave us all a quick explanation of the functionality of the Runnur. Andrew also did a great job on focusing on how it would benefit me by observing that my pockets where full of things I needed to keep in hand.

Being a fan of bags, I thought that the Runnur offered me a unique way of carrying my gadgets and gear with accessibility.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

A year later, if anyone has seen me in public, they have probably seen me with my Runnur. As the old American Express slogan use to say  “Don’t Leave home without it”. I probably don’t ever leave home without my Runnur.

Walking the Dog on the Beach

When I walk the dog on the beach, I carry extra treats and even hang my sandals from the carabineer.

Visiting the Gym

I carry my headphones, my water bottle, and even hang my towel from it while having everything on hand.

Fun Walks with my Daughter

When we are out with our daughter, it keeps my cell phone handy, along with charger, and water bottle. I even made a small first aid kit with some necessities that every dad with a toddler might need.

Back to SXSW or any other Big Conference

Raúl Colón & C.C. Chapman SXSWi

SXSWi 2012 with Rock Star C.C. Chapman wearing my Runnur

Once I arrive at SXSW my Runnur will have:

  • License – Very useful when I am trying to get into venues with an age limit and they might think I am under 21.
  • Bus Pass or Shuttle wristband– The previous two years I used the RR Shuttle, which made you carry a wristband that had a cost of approximately $60-$70 dollars. If you lost it, you would have to buy a new one. Keeping it in a safe place like your Runnur will save you money and a headache when every bus driver asks for the wristband.
  • Sunglasses – I normally don’t buy expensive sunglasses because their life span in my hands tends to be short. Last year I had some sunglasses I accidentally dropped and broke. Since then, I use the compartment made for sunglasses.
  • Extra Battery Pack – At SXSWi you need to ABC or Always be Charging. For that reason I will be carrying my Extra-Battery pack with me so my cell phone does not run out of battery.
  • Phone Charger Cable – I will have the cable to my iPad 2 and iPhone 5 handy.
  • Instead of my wallet I will be using my Runnur. I will have my credit cards, debit cards, and cash. A lot easier to lose your wallet than to lose your Runnur.
  • My iPhone5 will also act as a Wi-Fi hotspot when the SXSW networks gets slow and I need to do something online.
  • My Point and shoot camera, a Ricoh CX2, with an extra battery.
  • Since going to SXSW is a business expense, I can store my receipts and scan them later.
  • If you’re staying at a hotel the key can also be placed in the Runnur.
  • I will be using the carabineer to carry my swag bag.

I am sure I will find other ways to make use of my Runnur.

One thing is certain, if you see me at SXSW you will see me wearing one.

Buy a Runnur (now called the iBand Adjustable Sling) from me here.