3 Quick Ways to Track Conversations of Those at #SXSW

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One of the most complicated things when arriving at a large conference like SXSW is staying in touch and seeing what people around you are doing and talking about. With my close contacts or friends, texting and emailing are good enough. But once the conference starts I spend more time engaging with people than actually reviewing tweets, text, and emails.

Here are three quick ways to keep track of what people are sharing and talking about online that are at #SXSW.

1. Twitter Search Query

Many people will be using the #SXSW hashtag that are not at the conference.

Last year one of the first sessions I attended Kris Krug (on twitter @kk) recommended running a search on twitter with the Zip code of the convention center.  This clearly helped me last year with meeting new people that were in the same sessions.

I created the following query which searches for individuals using  #SXSW and are tweeting at a 15mile radius of the event.

2. Google Circles

By adding those that are attending or will be in Austin during #SXSW using Google+ Circles, it makes it easier to watch their conversations on Google+.

I have shared my circle and other circles I found in this post.

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

3. Twitter List

Last year I created a twitter list of people I met. I will be updating it with the people I meet this year. By creating a list of individuals that are at the conference it helps you stay in touch with them.

There are other apps which we included in our Guide that help us find those who decide to check-in. Highlight does a great job alerting those around you that have something in common with you.

Any other tips on how you keep in touch with people you want to meet at a conference or how you have met people by using any tools?

Need more resources or tips check out this list.

Once again very thankful of those who have made this trip happened like the San Juan Marriott