Puerto Rico Tourism Company Fails Again

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On many ocassions I have written on how dissapointed I am at the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and how ineffective they have been.

One of the questions I asked myself in a previous post was does Puerto Rico Tourism Does It Better? Really?. I also suggested bringing @Franklogic and a surfer on there team.

The other factor I really don’t understand is how the focus on Unique Value Proposition of no U.S. Passport Required is contradicting how they are really targeting.

Our local government has demonstrated a complete disregard for fixing issues that are happening every day and trying to sugar coat everything.

I had the opportunity to talk to Nelson Alcantara from E-Turbo News about the current issues with Animal Rights and how the government is not doing anything to fix the issue.

I did my best to  make up for Mr. Lafuente’s lack in being a good host deciding he did not want to meet with Nelson I reached out  Local Government Officials to talk to meet with Nelson and they all decided they had other priorities.

I guess when you have the Executive Director of Tourism not being a great host and ignoring eturbonews.com we can expect any better from our other Politicians.

This yet again another example on how our government has many problems but they decide to ignore them.

Puerto Rico Tourism: It is what it isn’t

I wish we had more journalists like Nelson who although he was invited was able to keep his objectivity in creating an awesome article.

If you want Puerto Rico to move forward in fixing all these issues I think the least we can do is to appreciate Mr. Alcantara’s objective article.

What are your two cents on Nelson’s Article?


  1. Melrodz on February 12, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    El articulo no especifica la fecha de la entrevista… pero tal vez Se fue a Espana detras del gobe.. jaja…

    perhaps for political reasons?!?!? you be the judge.

    ..and I think he should be called mr.Gonzalez and not Mr Lafuente.

    • Raul Colon on February 13, 2011 at 7:45 pm

      He left in my opinion because he did not want to address the issues that E-Turbo News… We can clearly see his commitment with hospitality.